Project Description



Angela Harrison


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“Photography is my sanity. It is the realization that even in our crazy world, there is still beauty and peace among us. Because I am fully self-taught, the rules of photography were learned through firsthand experiences, the amazing knowledge of other photographers or by good ‘ol fashioned research. Then, I took what worked and threw the rest out the window.

The almost perfect image will go through several transformations from post to capture, prior to its release. This is my story book, my place to etch exactly what I want in a frozen moment of time. This may take a few minutes, few days or several months to complete the process. But once the story is done, there is no re-editing it.

Photography has brought me through some emotional times in my life, both positive and extremely trying. My mood shows in my work. I often include artistic touches within my work, such as unique textures and the use of light or lack thereof. I appreciate I can always grab my camera, go and find something, and I will have the perfect canvas.”

-Angela Harrison