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Asiya Al-Sharabi


Asiya AlSharabi is a Yemeni free lance photographer & mixed media artist. She started as a journalist photographer then shifted to the art scene detailed and descriptions. As a middle Eastern female artist, she faced many challenges during her career as a photographer, she trains her lenses on the most “controversial” issue in Yemen ( WOMEN).

In April 2010, her photo “Fear” was featured in front cover of the “Yemen Today” Magazine for celebrating “International Women’s Day”

In 2009-2010 she was selected as the first Yemeni women to represent Yemen at the British Council first Cultural Leadership International program.

In 2013 she moved to the USA because of the current war in her country Yemen. While waiting to go back home she is now exhibiting her work at Art Works Gallery in Richmond.

Lately during a workshop at “Anderson Ranch Art Center” Colorado, she developed a series of combining a digital and handmade technique, and was selected as the first Yemeni woman to participate at their residency program for 2016.

Asiya was featured in Richmond Magazine, an article about her work and how she intends to make the most of the opportunity being in the U.S and away from home.