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N. Blake Seals

Studio 165

N. Blake Seals is a talented illustrator, graphic artist, and painter. See his artwork in his studio at Art Works in Richmond, VA.

“N Blake Seals was born in Huntington, NY, attended the School of Visual Arts, in NYC, and currently resides in Virginia. Blake has managed a comic book shop, served in the US Navy Reserve as a Corpsman with the Marines, volunteered as a firefighter/paramedic and works as an organ transplant coordinator. He has also owned and managed world-class recording facilities, shown his artwork in New York City, worked on Marvel and Archie comics, and traveled the world as a black belt in Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do. Blake is married and has two sons, three daughters, a granddaughter, two snakes, and a leopard gecko.

Blake’s work is primarily interested in abstract mark making and takes influence in everything from images in graphic design and comic books to non-representational expressionism and action painting. His current work is most often ink & marker on paper, colored in Photoshop on the computer.”

In studio 165 at Art Works, Blake also shares his comic book work and artwork completed with his high school-aged daughter (“Mayflower Art,”) as well as family-produced hand-poured soy candles (“MadiScents.”)