Brooke Dudonis Butler & Michael Martin

Studio 165

Brooke and Michael work in a variety of 2D art forms. You can see and purchase work in their studio at Art Works daily.

“Art is the essence of humanity expressed in a tangible form. It is the expression that flows through our veins, the passion that bubbles up within us, and the window from which we share our world. As artist, we strive to share the beauty that we experience, to bring our vision to all who can appreciate it. Often, we cannot see what is before us until we stop and truly reflect. We are blessed to live in a world of color, shape, and texture that enriches life. In a world where we are buried in electronic devices or consumed with the rush to arrive at the next destination on time, true reflection of our environment is lost to the constant stream of appointments, obligations, and commitments.

We strive to create work that captures the wondrous design and beauty God has woven throughout the fabric of our lives. Our work is diverse in medium and subject matter, but united in its goal to uplift and inspire. Whether it be the spire of a steeple or a sea gull mounting a thermal on a crashing seashore, we long to reveal the hidden beauty, exposed in plain sight.

Studio 165 is comprised of works from Brooke Dudonis Butler and Michael L. Martin, both of who attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated in 2002. Their journeys into the field of the arts began at a young age with supportive parents who fostered a love of the arts and teachers that nurtured the creative spark throughout their formative years.

Brooke’s life long love of the arts started at a young age when her mother, Judith, asked Brooke to paint a rose for her. Seeing how much her mother loved her painting, from that point on she knew she wanted to be an artist. Today, she continues to create works of art through various mediums. “I believe we are all gifted with talents and I have been blessed with the gift of art, to be a visual communicator, sharing joy and my visual journey with everyone.”

Michael’s works stem from reality and the unending inspiration that can be found there. “I am transfixed with the wondrous design found in everything from the smallest shell to the tallest building. Art simply acknowledges the perfection present in the facets of our lives and expresses the emotion and feeling that complete the human experience.” Michael works in a vast array of mediums including color pencil, graphite, oil paint, and watercolor. His work is highly detailed and time intensive creating images that provide stimulation to the viewer from a distance as well as at a close proximity.

Brooke and Michael’s lifelong love of the arts has inspired a body of work that is unique and exquisitely crafted. With a sensitive touch and an eye for design their works are sure to illuminate any space. ”