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Dani Liz

Wall H

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Dani Liz was born in Brooklyn, New York. He developed a love for photography at an early age of 13, when he was given a Kodak instamatic X-15 with the cube flash for Christmas. He quickly started taking pictures of everything and everyone. His love of photography gave him the position of photographic historian at home, church, and any civic organization he became affiliated with. Dani Liz’s unique talent in photography was his ability to capture a subjects inner candid thoughts. In the late 2000, Dani Liz returned to drawing and painting.

About Exponential Hope

“In this piece I started out to capture the exponential spread of the Novel Corona Virus. It was spreading so fast that numbers did not convey what was taking place. So I replaced numbers with countries. As the fight started against the virus, the economic toll started to hit in the number of people filing for unemployment and the unemployment rate. As the world took on the safety precautions of wearing a mask and staying 6 feet away and no large gatherings, isolation set in. I tried to capture that feeling in photos and spacing on the canvas. Then in the summer of 2020, George Floyd’s murder. This was so powerful I had to restrain myself from reflecting on this to the point of overtaking the original purpose. To depict the virus itself, I return to the medium of paper Mashsa. While representing the virus, the paper is actually newspaper featuring news over the last 9 months. And by examining the virus closely, one can review the history of our world over the 2020 year. Finally, I ended this piece with words that would shape this year… ending with Vaccine. With all of this head wind, there was still the bottle Hope in every human, that some how, some way it’s got to get better!