Jade Smitherman

Studio 143

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“In my practice and product, I aim to create ceramic works of functional art for the home that better connects me to myself, to others, and to the Earth around us. I am inspired by my own home and the objects I daydream to fill it with. I’m also inspired by the interconnectivity between nature, us, and our homes, and I try to honor that connection in my practice. The forms of my work are inspired mainly by my own favorite dishes and vessels. The surfaces of my work are decorated with carvings inspired by a mix of art deco architecture, sacred geometry, and other various patterns found in nature, highlighted by bright, celadon glazes that darken as they pool in the crevices.

When I found clay I knew that it gave space to a unique form of artistic expression. By making art through a medium that originates from our earth, clay allows artists to practice flexibility and create functional works of art. By sharing my work, passion, and knowledge of clay I hope to promote awareness on social and climate issues; focusing on sustainability, our local communities, and the practice of community building. While making work, my focus is always simultaneously on moving towards creating a shared space of clay that is safe and accessible for all who are interested in learning about it.”

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