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Mike Bily

Wall 8

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Mike Bily has always been passionate about art in its many forms. After his stint in
the Air Force, he decided to attend school for Commercial Art in New York,
graduating with honors. He eventually pursued fine art through instruction and
explored its various techniques. Due to his keen interest in the natural environment
and its inhabitants, he worked as a ranger at an exotic wildlife park. There he had
the opportunity he was looking for…to sketch and paint many of the denizens of the
reserve. Afterwards, Mike held professional positions in advertising and marketing
while continuing his pursuit of fine art by enrolling in assorted classes for painting,
sculpture, pottery, etc. This helped him realize that art came in all sizes, shapes, and
Mike pursued other opportunities by immersing himself into travel and translating
this through his art. He took a sabbatical from marketing and trekked throughout
South America, and later, areas of Central America. Although he was a freelance
illustrator as part of a scientific team, these vision-rich areas afforded him the
chance to expand his knowledge and appreciation of these lands. Several years later,
He traveled to East Africa through a church mission program and gathered
additional creative ideas from exposure to the flora and fauna of this intriguing part
of the world. Mike eventually expanded his interest in depicting everyday objects
and landscapes through various mediums. He has exhibited in nature centers and
many art shows throughout the East coast.
Mike believes art should not only be decorative but also tell a story and educate the
viewer…and that we should never stop learning. He is pursuing semi-retirement
from marketing and is looking forward to working fulltime with brush in hand.