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Rosa Lee Fry Artist, Illustrator



Rosa Lee Fry

Artist, Illustrator

Click here to view and buy available artwork by Rosa Lee Fry. See her work in person at Art Works Tuesdays – Sundays 12-6 pm.

Fry is an artist/illustrator living and working in Louisa, Virginia. She is an elementary school art teacher by day, and is diligently working on commissions and original paintings by night. She holds a Bachelors in Art from Christopher Newport University.

“My work is illustrative and I mainly work in watercolor and pen & ink. I also use acrylics from time to time when I’m feeling frisky. I am inspired by the outdoors, especially the scenes which backdrop my life in the forest by the mountains. In addition to creating, I love hiking, sports and hanging out with my husband, dog, family and friends. I also love music, and often can be found doodling my favorite song lyrics.” – Rosa Lee Fry