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Saajida Chohan

Wall 29

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Saajida A. Chohan is a professional jewelry designer, career educator, and wellness advocate who lives and works in Central Virginia. Saajida’s artistry is heavily inspired by African (and African diasporic) cultural nuances, themes and purpose. To this end, Saajida’s distinctive artistic style explicitly highlights cultural and historical influences, regal elegance, holistic healing, color therapy & positive energy.

As a former professor of literature, specializing in the humanities and African Diaspora literature, Saajida is able to merge her love for culture, craft and spiritual wellness as an artist. Her work is meant to tell an inspiring story of strength, beauty, elegance and sacred knowledge that is carried from one generation to the next. Each piece incorporates genuine stones and crystals, which are utilized for their natural beauty, healing benefits and spiritual properties. Each creation is unique, complex and full of symbolic meaning.

Saajida’s artistry extends into artisanal products for the home, office and one’s own body. As an herbalist, her products are created with a healing purpose in mind. She is able to connect to her audience through her custom hand-crafted products that express essential information about the user such as personality, individuality, beliefs and desires. Through her company, Liquid Gold Apothecs, Saajida is able to combine her experience, creative skills and her imagination to create beauty that inspires connectivity and evokes emotion.

Saajida is currently the African Inspired Beaded Jewelry Making instructor for both the teen and adult studio at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where she uses the African Art collection as inspiration for the class. Her wearable art pieces, which include custom wood framing and beaded jewelry will be featured as an exhibit within the VMFA Studio School during Fall ‘22. Saajida’s wearable art will also be featured in the RVA Fashion Week for the 14th Annual Fall Event in early October. For more information about Saajida, please follow this link to her company website


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