Project Description



Terri Huffman

Wall 21A

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“Born in Richmond, Virginia, I appreciated all types of art from an early age, it was upon visiting my dentist’s office in Midlothian, VA that my desire to paint was awakened. His office walls were adorned with his original watercolor paintings in every room.

I feel that art serves several purposes; it should stimulate one’s imagination, stir memories of bygone times and above all it should bring the viewer a sense of joy, contentment and perhaps curiosity. My subjects vary from landscapes, to animals and still-life as well as occasional abstracts. My preferred medium is acrylics, but I also enjoy painting watercolors. My travels have inspired many of my paintings which include landscapes and architecture capturing the history and culture of faraway lands. My love of vibrant colors is evident in my work. Dark, stormy skies are often bordered by vivid, vermilion sunsets and rich, jewel-toned florals are often anchored on intense, Chinese-red or ultramarine blue backgrounds.

The artist’s canvas is my vehicle and color is the fuel that makes it go! My vehicle promises to take you with me to places you have never been before, perhaps, places to which you would like to return or places that may exist only in the imagination of the artist and viewer.”