Olga Rokhmanyuk

August 23 – September 21, 2024

Olga Rokhmanyuk, a successful interior designer, window dresser, and advertising professional from Ukraine, faced a challenging situation when she arrived in America and didn’t know the language. Overwhelmed and silenced, Olga set out to discover a new life and found solace in nature. It was here that she picked up her paintbrushes and started capturing the beauty of all she saw—from the sea to flowers, landscapes, and all parts of nature where there are no language barriers, only the language of great love to humans. We are pleased to announce Olga’s upcoming exhibit, which is a testament to her artistic skills, full of color, imagination, and a reflection of her journey from silence to the vibrant world of art.

The exhibit is in the Centre Gallery.


Aug 23 2024 - Sep 21 2024


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Centre Gallery

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