Adam Reinhard

June 23 – July 22, 2023

After six years spent buried under the noise of Washington D.C., Adam Reinhard returned to the Blue Ridge Mountains where he feels that he can finally hear, breathe,  and see again.  And there is so much to see.

Reinhard is convinced that there are secret colors only to be found where those ancient crusts rise up out of the Shenandoah valley. He drives on back roads until he stumbles upon a spot where he wants to make his stand. He smears paint onto his palette. His only concern is about honoring those colors; but as his retinas burn out in the summer blaze, or fingers go numb in the winter freeze, or the shadows lengthen more rapidly than he can capture them during an elusive fall sunset, he finds his brushstrokes responding with desperation–frantic to uncover the secrets before the clock runs out.

Working under these restraints has served as Reinhard’s inspiration. Whether it’s the siding of a dilapidated barn, ribbons of water working their way down a stream bed, or endless rows of corn in patchwork farms, he finds that it is often the boldest strokes, reacting to the quickly changing environment, which portray the truth as he sees it.

This exhibit will be in the Port Gallery.


Jun 23 2023 - Jul 22 2023


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