Helene Ruiz

March 24 – April 9, 2023

This series of acrylic paintings are reflective of the very vivid and wild imagination Helene had as a child and even into her adulthood. Helene was born and raised in New York City. In her mind and in her dreams she could make the city look anyway she imagined it and turn it into a fantasy of fun and lively people and buildings and more flowers; like the flowers she would see that grew in the suburbs and where people had actual yards.

Helene wanted the freedom to approach this series from an imaginary and dreamlike viewpoint. New York City was a very “music/jazz” inspired place when she was growing up and musicians played instruments and used their natural skills in contrast to todays technological approach to creating music. There would music playing in the streets and parks and pouring out of the buildings especially on Friday and Saturday nights and everyday in the summer.

Helene says, “I hope you enjoy my whimsical, rhythmic and colorful, dreamlike approach at an avant-garde style of mixing up some different styles in order to create a fun and exciting journey through my “urban experience” growing up in NYC.”

This exhibit will be in the Port Gallery.


Mar 24 2023 - Apr 09 2023


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Port Gallery

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