Strack & Trent

February 26 – April 17, 2021

Inge Stack and Danny Trent, both abstract artists, collaborate for this joint exhibit in the Jane Sandelin Gallery

Inge Strack

Inge Strack is a German born, full-time painter living and working in Richmond, Virginia. Her abstract paintings consist of bold colors and a deep sense of emotion. She often paints with a limited palette, focusing on brushstrokes, texture, and form to find a balance. She is drawn to the drama and the pain connecting humanity and she strives to create beauty out of the most difficult circumstances. Her work combines her European past and her American present. Her paintings are upbeat and symbolize the strength and positive attitude that are part of the American spirit and therefore part of her newfound life in the United States. Her passion for bold colors comes from a group of artists called “The Blue Rider” of the 1920s, especially Franz Marc; other influences are American artists Mark Rothko and Wolf Kahn.

Danny Trent

Danny Trent is an abstract painter. He uses the basic elements of painting: line, color, texture, form, and space in creating his painting. He says that painting is an intuitive approach that allows for him to be open for unexpected moments of seeing something that was not intended and expanding and incorporating this discovery into the painting.


Feb 26 2021 - Apr 17 2021


All of the day


Jane Sandelin Gallery
320 Hull St, Richmond, VA 23224

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