Mariia Sveidan

May 24 – June 22, 2024

All the Things That Matter is a journey of life.  Mariia describes the journey:

Battling past pain, inner demons, depression, and trauma. Going through a path of enlightenment, you can see pain but at the same time there is the presence of hope and healing. Healing can have many colors; it can be in the form of blossoming flowers, or a walk through a garden, rich and flourishing. It’s a dance of the moon, the sun and nature. After pain comes anger, after anger comes acceptance, afterwards comes the feeling of letting go, then comes forgiveness, until finally you are healed. Healing is a journey, an emotional, mental, and spiritual one where all chakras have healed and found balance, all traumas found peace, where the heart has been purified and the third eye is beaming with light. That’s when the body and soul become one, one unity, one light, one source. This exhibit is about my journey to attain hope, healing, peace and enlightenment; with vibrant colors and expressive brush strokes.

The exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery


May 24 2024 - Jun 22 2024


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Centre Gallery

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