Naila Lyles

February 23 – March 16, 2024

Illicit Tears (2024) explores societies’ ugly sentiments that are misjudged or never understood. Naila Lyles explains that understanding is not the same as being empathetic. It’s okay not to know, it’s okay to agree to disagree. And with generations becoming more progressive and unique, we now have a chance to start having conversations on how trauma has affected our lives and emotional thinking.

Naila Lyles offers her story to jumpstart these conversations. She acknowledges and records the ugly sentiment by speaking to herself in front of the camera about anything and everything that hurts her. She cries, screams, and even laughs and captures still shots to create a collection of her hurt. She uses these as references for graphite and acrylic art.

Naila says, “My name is Naila like the Lion King, and I am a black creator who believes in the power of art and vulnerability. I ask, as you look through my work and stand in front of each piece, to envision yourself in the portrait, be vulnerable and talk to a stranger. Empathy is universal, not competitive. Thank you for being vulnerable with me.”

This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery.


Feb 23 2024 - Mar 16 2024


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Centre Gallery

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