NCECA Reception

March 21, 2024

The wait is finally over! The annual NCECA Conference has arrived and this year it’s in Richmond. We are thrilled to invite you to come and see the incredible ceramic artwork on display. On March 21st at 11 a.m. until 8 p.m., immerse yourself in the world of ceramic art and be amazed by the stunning exhibits throughout the city and at Art Works.

Join us for refreshments, music, and the chance to meet the talented artists and fellow ceramic enthusiasts.  The exhibits continue through April 20th. If you miss this opening, we are hosting our monthly 4th Friday reception on March 22nd, so please come see the exhibit when you can.

Four galleries at Art Works feature NCECA exhibits:

Meet Me at the Intersection curated by Chantel Bollinger

The artists in Meet Me at the Intersection demonstrate finding community in material and storytelling through ceramics. Many artists find themselves at a crossroads of materiality and identity. The artists in this exhibit express their lived experiences and the various communities from which they come. What does it mean to be an artist and exist between the margins of multiple identities? This exhibition explores this question through ceramics and the response is a coalescence of many into the whole, the building of many to stand as one, The exhibit approaches intersectionality politically, personally, and collectively. Meet Me at the Intersection is a deep dive into those many. The exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery. Learn more about this exhibit.

Intersection X Redirection curated by Max Trumpower

Max Trumpower curator of this exhibit explains: For centuries, craft and culture have converged not only in the process of making, but have expanded into the realm of fine art. At this intersection, BIPOC and queer makers have radicalized the creation of ceramic objects and produced astounding results as a display of identity. Intersection X Redirection is a collection of such artists, who utilize craft as a reflection not only of culture, but of how these identities often intersect. The exhibit will be in the Port Gallery.  Learn more about this exhibit.

Being Bridges curated by Devishi Seth

Devishi Seth, curator of this exhibit, brings together six young artists from diverse backgrounds and explores the interconnection between spirituality and clay—how a state of aliveness is experienced through clay while transforming relationships within oneself. Devishi Seth explains:
Bridging different human experiences, clay connects us to one another. Our bodies molded, through clay, act as an extension of the Earth. Becoming a mediator that bridges us to the spirit underlying all phenomenon. Learn more about this exhibit.

Manic Ceramic

For the arrival of the NCECA Conference in Richmond this month, we set aside a special gallery for a clay exhibit by talented local ceramic artists and potters. Lee Hazelgrove, master ceramic artist and potter is the juror for the exhibit. The exhibit is in Gallery 201. Learn more about this exhibit.


Mar 21 2024


11:00 am - 8:00 pm


Centre Gallery

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