Sarah Wiley

October 25 – November 10, 2024

With a passion for interior design and all things miniature, Sarah Wiley brings these interests together and creates rooms in miniature. Wiley is a self-taught artist, both in her former career in interior design and now in textile art. Using a machine’s process, when drawing a scene, it must be created sequentially, even though the original design on paper and pen is not in that order. Using an embroidery machine, Wiley creates the image, layer by layer. By repurposing interior design memo samples and used fabrics, she creates a composition. The details build slowly as she assembles, chooses, and places each successive piece of fabric. With a keen eye for detail, she takes special care to drape the fold of a curtain or to stuff a cushion.

Textile Tales of Interiors invites viewers to explore the combination of art and interior design through the medium of fabric. This art show celebrates the beauty, creativity, and versatility of textiles as they transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. Each piece on display offers a unique interpretation of an interior, highlighting the rich colors, textures, and patterns that textiles bring to our living spaces.

The exhibit will be in the Corner Gallery.


Oct 25 2024 - Nov 10 2024


All of the day


Corner Gallery
320 Hull St, Richmond, VA 23224

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