Sonia Limberis

February 28 – April 18, 2020

What does it mean to be a first-generation Greek in America today? How does that inform your experience in the land of your ancestors and how does that tie into the medium of painting? Sonia thinks there is a strong metaphorical link between the discarded materials and rich heavily textured paint that speaks to the distance between what is presented as Greek in America and what is actually Greek. Deep complex colors and movement paired with the echoes of the past create a story of history that is both imagined and real. As an Hellinoamerikana (Greek American), Sonia grew up with an intense adoration and awe of the Greek history and culture. Trips to Greece revealed that modern-day Greek culture had changed from what was taught to her growing up. Members of the Greek community in America hold their heritage and traditions so passionately that they seem very old fashioned and super “Greek” to those in Greece.

The body of work presented in this exhibit is a representation of today and yesterday, dark and light, perspective, and texture. Within the layers of each painting, culture and history dance together along with the materials both new and old used to create each piece. The exhibit is in the Skylight Gallery.

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Feb 28 2020 - Apr 18 2020


All of the day


Skylight Gallery
320 Hull St, Richmond, VA 23224

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