Altar America Project

October 25 – November 10, 2024

More than an art show, this is a festival of cross-cultural ancestor remembrance celebration inspired by Dia de los Muertos and many other ancestor remembrance celebrations from around the world.

Cultures worldwide have numerous ancestor remembrance traditions, but America does not, particularly because American ethnocide has not wanted people of color to collectively gather, remember their past, and retell their stories. Ethnocide is the destruction of culture while keeping the people. Art Works issued an altars call-for-entries for this exhibit to create altars. The aim is for the greater RVA community to see these examples, and become inspired to engage in their own, culturally relevant acts of remembrance.

This exhibit will be in the Port and Centre Galleries.

The exhibit opens on October 25th. Then on November 3rd, the Altars Festival RVA 2024 is held at Art Works and is a collaboration with The Sustainable Culture Lab, Philanthropy Journal. The Altar America Project and festivals counter ethnocide by empowering people to remember, sustain, and celebrate their culture, while also providing a safe communal space for coping with the generational trauma and loss brought on by American ethnocide. We combat ethnocide through acts of cultural remembrance, activating ancestral knowledge, and creating new traditions that are relevant to our lived experiences. The exhibit closes on November 10, 2024.

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Oct 25 2024 - Nov 10 2024


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