April 2024 Exhibits

On April 26th the new exhibits open at Art Works including the Flora and Fauna All Media exhibit by local artists—Virginians love their gardens—tame and wild. And the students from the Henrico County Public Schools Center for Arts have installed their art in the main gallery with their annual senior-students’ art show. The RVA Photography Collective returns this year with another exhibit of Richmond—each photographer shoots identical locations and achieves different perspectives. And Paul Rosner gets us to dive deep into a molecular view of things with his exhibit, Xphemera.

Henrico Center for the Arts

Senior students of the Henrico Center for the Arts program exhibit their artwork which represents four years of study. The exhibit features a myriad of art forms and immerging perspectives.

Creative Journeys: RVA Photo Collective Showcase

RVA Photography Collective, a group of photographers agree on a specific area in Richmond and over a period of two weeks individually conduct photo shoots in that location. The photographers share no more than 10 photographs and provide no commentary.

The collective artistic theme is understanding how different people choose to portray the same subject. This allows each photographer to see alternative approaches, creative ideas, compositional styles, stories, or perspectives and in doing so, more objectively understand theirs. Janneke Kotte is the curator for this exhibit.

Xphemera by Paul Rosner

This exhibit featuring resin-assemblage compositions evokes the unseen aspects of existence. Paul Rosner explains:

The extremes of the Universe are beyond our senses. Quantum particles, infinitesimal bio-entities, the vast unknown regions of space – we can only surmise their form and appearance. I use the medium of resin-assemblage to try and channel/shape vague intuitions into compositions that (hopefully) evoke elements of obscure origin coming into focus. Resin’s amber-like properties seem appropriate to capture and preserve these ephemeral imaginings.

All Media Show – Flora and Fauna

Spring is here, and it’s time for the annual Historic Garden Week in Virginia! From April 20th to April 27th, Virginians across the state will be opening their historic gardens for all to enjoy. And what better way to celebrate the beauty of flora and fauna than with Art Works’ April All Media Show?

This exhibit is a focal point of all Art Works’ openings. Amy Chan juried the show.

1st Place June Sunlight by Jane Skafte, Watercolor, 22 x 30, $2640

2nd Place Floral Mirage by Olga ROArtUS, Acrylic on Canvas, 22 x 28,  $2000

3rd Place Over the Hill and Far Away ,  by Johnye Bennett, Acrylic on Canvas,  48×36, $1500

Honorable Mention Garden Party by Marybeth Eilerson, Acrylic on Canvas, 30×24, $695

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