Bollin Millner

June 28 – July 20, 2024

Bollin Millner quotes Joel Meyerowitz who speaks to photographers: “Once you have a camera in your hand, you have a license to see.”

Millner uses his camera to frame the world–roadways, doorways, lofts, quiet interiors and on the street. He is entranced by shapes, forms and lines made by human hands—rectangles, squares, circles, arches, as well as spirals, waves and patterns that occur in nature. Reflections and repetition are additional bonuses. In this exhibit Millner captures a sense of harmony and peace, where the discrete elements relate to one another in compelling ways. He usually does not feature people, but rather leaves space for the viewers themselves to populate the image.

The exhibit will be in the Port II Gallery.


Jun 28 2024 - Jul 20 2024


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