Max Trumpower

March 19  – April 23, 2024

Max Trumpower curator of this exhibit explains:

For centuries, craft and culture have converged not only in the process of making, but have expanded into the realm of fine art. At this intersection, BIPOC and queer makers have radicalized the creation of ceramic objects and produced astounding results as a display of identity. Intersection X Redirection is a collection of such artists, who utilize craft as a reflection not only of culture, but of how these identities often intersect.

This coalescence of identities within ceramic craft creates imperishable community bonds and reinforces the importance of solidarity in our field.

Each artist in this exhibition explores their identity through the narrative of sculpture. The artists in this exhibit each have their own influences, techniques, and concepts that inform their work. Each artist holds unique validity in their influences, making techniques, and concepts regardless of work directly relating to identity or not.

It is impertinent in our field to acknowledge and enliven such work for the sake of this work itself, rather than solely for its tokenization. Through this collective making by BIPOC and queer communities, the field of ceramics is undergoing a revolution of reclamation. Despite coming from a variety of backgrounds, the work represented in this exhibition collides seamlessly through the concurrence of our existences and experiences.

As a material, clay holds memory of not only the maker, but the history of a culture. Throughout centuries, we have learned a myriad of information simply from the ceramic objects that were left behind, as evidence and a testament to civilization. These ceramic objects act as a connection point between various cultures, merging ideas between communities that might not otherwise have intersected with one another. By utilizing this material, the artists within this exhibition are attesting to the resilience of their respective identities and serve as a reminder to the larger art community of our permanence.

The sculptural objects represented in this exhibition will outlive us all, whether as complete forms or as mere shards. Regardless, the message remains the same: we are not going anywhere.

The exhibit will be in the Port Gallery at Art Works.


Mar 19 2024 - Apr 23 2024


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