Chantel Bollinger

March 19  – April 20, 2024

The artists in Meet Me at the Intersection demonstrate finding community in material and storytelling through ceramics. Many artists find themselves at a crossroads of materiality and identity. The artists in this exhibit express their lived experiences and the various communities from which they come. What does it mean to be an artist and exist between the margins of multiple identities? This exhibition explores this question through ceramics and the response is a coalescence of many into the whole, the building of many to stand as one, The exhibit approaches intersectionality politically, personally, and collectively. Meet Me at the Intersection is a deep dive into those many. The exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery.

Curator: Chantel Bollinger is the curator of Meet Me at the Intersection. As a ceramic maker Bollinger is interested in the ways artists from marginalized backgrounds put themselves into their work whether intentionally or otherwise. This exhibit speaks to the ways in which people with intersecting identities use clay to share their unique perspectives and stories.

Contributing artists: Cal Duran, Vincent Frimpong, Esther Elia, Cesar Pita, Cortney YellowHorse-Metzger, Jessica Marie Gross, Margarita Paz-Pedro, Harley Torres, Kwakye Oppong Asamoah, Eleanor Heimbaugh, Juana Estrada Hernandez, Chantel Bollinger


Mar 19 2024 - Apr 20 2024


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Centre Gallery

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