Binford Harrell

Painter, Mixed-Media Artist

Binford Harrell was a painter and mixed-media artist from Wakefield, VA.  See his work on his wall display at Art Works. Click here to purchase artwork by Harrell through our website!

Over the years, Binford Harrell developed an appreciation of all art forms, from the early masters to modern art and the creators of it. With a deep appreciation of the impressionist movement, their use of color and brush strokes, the energy and excitement created is truly an inspiration, and as such, he strived to accomplish this in his own work.
In his most recent work, Harrell worked with corrugated board, cutting and tearing shapes to reveal the corrugation and create texture. He arranged the pieces, inviting the viewer into a space of speculation.  He relied on color to shape our desires for beauty, poetics and seduction. He found this medium quite exciting controling the accidental happenings of each piece.
His Inspiration was derived from many sources; emotion, visual stimuli and social order or disorder. He hoped viewing his work, has brought some joy and appreciation of the beauty around us. ”