Christian Keener

Precision Jewelry Services

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Christian Keener started honing his craft in 1989 and has owned his shop since 1995. He provides the area with top-tier jewelry repair and design that’s in a class of its own. Christian serves many prominent jewelry stores as well as individual clients. He does everything from resizing rings and setting stones to designing custom pendants and restoring heirlooms. When you need a jeweler who specializes in delicate metalwork, call me and see what I can do for you.

In an age of mass production, finding a true master craftsman that treats jewelry repair and design as an art form, is rare. Unlike jewelry stores that carry multiple copies of the same piece, I believe that each item should be unique. That’s why I use many methods in creating pendants, rings, and bracelets. I use the ancient lost-wax method, which has been around for nearly six thousand years. I hand draw my casts and cut them in wax, which is then melted and replaced with gold, silver, or platinum. Because the casted wax can only be used once, you know that each piece is entirely unique to you.

Christian would love to answer any questions you may have while helping you design a beautiful, custom piece that embodies your personal style.