Emma Goodman O’Rourke

Wall 2a

Born in London, UK. Moved to USA in 2000. Emma gained her BA Hons in Art, Design and Fashion communication at Central St. Martins, University of the Arts, London.

Emma won the ‘Rimmel Creative Advertising Award’ which catapulted a career into Art Direction. However she continued to paint portraits and other figurative work which were displayed on a website at the time called ‘Pop Art Gallery’.

In 2000 Emma moved to the US. She studied oil painting at The Corcoran College of Art and set up an art studio at The Jackson Art Center in Georgetown, Washington DC. Emma had various solo and group shows, with her visceral flowescapes, feminine figurative pieces, and seascapes becoming what she became known for. Her period in advertising however has definitely influenced her paintings and drawings, nodding at Pop Art, with typography weaving through the sartorial painterly pieces. Surrealism is an inspiration too as is expressionism and she blends these different periods to create unique and seemingly decorative pieces.​

The theme of the feminine experience also weaves through the work, mixed with a musical brush rhythm. It is in this way that the work has much biographical expression, from the experiences Emma has lived, represented in an symbolic way.

​’Larger than Life’ series of portraits has come out of inspirational and influences throughout her life. With an early education into Jazz, soul and funk, and having worked with musicians styling, staging and promoting, the club world and music scene played a large role in Emma’s early years. Her clothes were even bought by the V & A museum and displayed in ‘Street Style’ and exhbition by Ted Polhemus on British subculture fashions.

​The typography threads its way through the paintings includes poetic writing and more recently with a spiritual awareness of Emma’s studies of yoga and interest in Kaballah. Names of G-d and other Hebrew words nodding to Emma’s ethnicity are powerful affirmations of peace, transformation and hope.

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