James DePasquale


Studio 202

James DePasquale is an oil painter working in Richmond, Virginia.  His style has a wide range, but his subject matter centers around landscape, still-life and Italian scenery. See his works in his studio #202 at Art Works.

“Frequent travels to Italia deeply inspire my work….for Italia is a world of Spectacular Color and Romantic Composition. And that, therefore, is what my work is all about—-Color and Composition as seen in images of Italia. As an Architect for 45 years my eyes have always soaked in the wonderful colors that surround me, and I am inspired by pleasing compositions of our built and natural environment…but the discovery of such in Italia ignite a deeper passion within my soul. And so it is that I begin each painting with a prayer that my work will bring joy to those who view it….as COLORI D’ITALIA!” – James DePasquale

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