Nancy Kline

Mosaics, Jewelry

Nancy Kline is a mosaic artist working in the Richmond area.  Nancy has always been interested in the arts. In 2009, she discovered the wonderful world of mosaics. Since then, she has explored a variety of techniques and styles, both modern and ancient, through classes and workshops taught by leading mosaic artists. She has traveled to and studied the installations of several modern mosaic artists including – Niki de Saint Phalle and Antoni Gaudi. She has also spent time exploring more traditional mosaic techniques at the Vatican Mosaic Studio. Nancy uses a broad range of materials and techniques, from traditional to modern, to create texture and color contrasts. Her various works may be suitable for interior or exterior spaces. She also creates wearable art. Nancy has expanded her mosaic skill repertoire to build and develop her own substrates and tesserae to create her own unique artwork.

Nancy maintains a studio at Art Works and is also a member of Del Ray Artisans, located in Alexandria Virginia, and frequently exhibits her work at several Virginia galleries. Her works also appear in various non- gallery settings.

See more in her studio at Art Works.

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