Paul Rosner

Studio 110

Paul Rosner works in Resin Assemblage, Grids and Grid Boxes, Photos and AI. See more of his works in his studio space at Art Works.

Paul grew up in Manhattan and attended the Parson’s School of Design. He tries to approach making art as a self-enlightening practice to help bypass the intellect, and allow the intuitive aspect of the mind to take over while also striving to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing. His works have a sense of “cosmic mystery”.  He enjoys working with resin, which enhances and refracts colors and reflective materials in way that leads him to label it “wall jewelry,” especially the Yantras. With his AI pieces, things get pretty wacky and fun, though the results have a similar mysterious quality.  Rosner likes to make things that are affordable and accessible, and hopes people enjoy both looking at and collecting them.

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