Sara Henry

Wall 30

Sara is a ceramic and 3D artist. She explains her work and process: “My work is layered; in materials, in techniques, and in meanings. complex and detailed, fragile yet solid, these sculptures embody earth—inspired by its inhabitants, elements, formations, and processes. Humans are complex, imaginative, and explorative beings. We are investigators, travelers, builders, and lovers. We create and destroy—build and tear down—come together and fall apart. We are thinkers and doers; determined to locate our exact physical and philosophical place within the universe. I am interested in the dichotomy between investigation and imagination, the physical world and the imaginary world, the effects of time, and how these concepts and places converge within the spectrum of visual art. I use experimental casting and burnout techniques to create three dimensional ceramic paintings in the forms of towers, walls, orbs, and tiles. Combustibles, ceramic materials, and clay are arranged inside plaster molds. The kiln firing process alters the materials, creating jagged void spaces, shimmering colors, and unique textures. These sculptures symbolize our evolution, our complexity, our history, and investigate our hidden emotions and thoughts within.”.

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