Shayla Pham

Studio 162

Shayla Pham (she/her) is a Vietnamese-American designer and artist located in Richmond, VA. she has a passion for sustainable print design, working with making papers and inks out of recycled and natural resources. She found a love for book art during her time as a design student at VCU, and especially loves projects that require hand-crafting whether it be in the binding or the way it is printed. Recent projects of hers have a focus on her research of her Vietnamese culture, something she never really felt connected to while growing up.

Her body of work includes experimental design and typography, typeface design, experimental publication design (digital & print), screen printing, painting (oil & gouache), embroidery, and collage/mixed media art.

Activities she loves aside from art include bowling, roller skating, reading, and exploring the city & nature that surrounds her.

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