Suzanne L. Vinson

Wall GS

“When I started moving from purely abstract into integrating visual references of the beauty that surrounds me – landscapes, trees, flowers, leaves, ferns – along with more abstract shapes, I discovered endless possibility. Capturing these images in dreamscapes, I wander secret gardens of the inner landscape. I am entranced by these works, and I hope you will find yourself wandering these paintings with curiosity and delight. My tools of choice are acrylics or watercolors, inks, metallics, and pencil. Some works are built up from a plaster-like base which adds another nod to the landscapes that give humanity life.

Knowing the value of the art of daily living, I make art that is made to care for others through rituals of healing, receiving care and love, and to release what is carried that no longer needs to be. My reproduction art and soul care goods are under the banner Silver Tree Art which aims to add delight.”

Suzanne L. Vinson is an artist, writer, and ordained minister living an intentional life toward wholeness, kindhearted listening, and compassionate care. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with the love of her life, their two kids and pup Plum. Suzanne creates art, meant to deepen the experience of life, delight, and connection.

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