Terry Lynn Smith


Terry is a figurative painter residing in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Fusing hyper-realism with beauty, youth, eccentric hairstyles, and fashion, she captures pure emotion, rendering timeless, soulful portraits. Each unique portrait is full of passion and vibrant colors, creating highly refined, personal, stylized works. They accent her mastery of technique with meticulous attention to detail and texture. She builds mystery and narrative in her evocative portraits through the expressiveness in their eyes as she captures a reflection of her own imperfections. Her distorted figurative realism evokes mystery and wonder in the viewer. Terry discovered her distinct style and fondness to paint after her long battle of surgeries followed by several painful illnesses. Expressing her mood and soul on canvas became her passion as she mastered the art of oil painting. Conquering her own disabilities, she shared her triumphant work with the United Kingdom on her 2011 exhibition in Whitstable, England.

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